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NEW! Online learning (English version)

Dear students,


Although our school still remains closed, we can return to our studies, using an online learning website: VHS-Lernportal.

The “Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge“ (the Ministry for Migration and Refugees; BAMF) has allotted money so that all students who can’t attend class because of the Coronavirus can learn from home with the help of their teacher.  BAMF would like to make it possible for you to keep up your German skills and help you remember what you have already learned, as well as to prepare if you have upcoming language exams.

Your teachers will be getting in contact with you within the next few days to explain how you can sign up on the learning platform.  We will also have help available in other languages to help you sign up and get started.  Every class will keep learning with their own teacher via the VHS-Lernportal.  Your teacher will show you how the website works, give you assignments and help you if you have any problems.

BAMF checks the work being done on the learning website and observes how many assignments the students complete.

It is important for you to know that your remaining hours in your Integration class or in your DeuFöV class will stay the same.  You will not lose any class time by participating in the online lessons.  This offer is valid for as long as the schools remain closed.  When everyone is allowed to return to school, normal class will resume and the hours you have remaining in your class will again be counted.

I wish you great success with your online learning!


Katrin Vogel

Leiterin Sprachschule Deutsch-richtig

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